A Private Apartment v Hotel – the rise of Serviced Accommodation

We all know that the government has outlined the dates on when certain Covid restrictions will ease. Although, we’ve been able to provide accommodation if certain reasons/conditions are met, there are two key dates that are important to us:

12th April – One household can stay in a holiday let

21st June – Any number of households can stay in a holiday let as all legal limits on social contact are to be lifted – all being well.


Many people will be looking at booking a ‘staycation’ or business travel will increase while still being mindful of Coronavirus. Now is the perfect time to consider booking a serviced apartment rather than a hotel.


Whether you are a contractor, NHS worker, corporate professional or a leisure tourist and need to stay away from home, I am guessing that a big impersonal hotel just isn’t cutting it anymore. You are probably looking for a bit more space where you can, not only sleep, but cook and relax and do some work too if the need requires. Research by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) shows a typical one-bedroom serviced apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

More space is not the only benefit of switching to serviced apartments. Let me take you through why more and more people have already made the switch from hotels to serviced apartments.



More bang for your buck

A serviced apartment is generally available at a lower rate than a comparable hotel room. And there’s no hidden extras with serviced apartments – no mini-bar, room service or laundry charges.

If there is more than just you travelling and staying away from home then you can share an apartment which can work out to offer much more value as well as being a bit more sociable.

Serviced apartment providers are also better placed to fulfil longer term bookings which will give you a better rate and there’s the VAT reduction after 28 consecutive night stays.


Variety of locations

Wherever you need to be, you can be sure that there will be serviced apartments nearby, such as major tourist destinations as well as key business districts. Yet, it’s not just in these popular areas can you find serviced apartments, if you are working somewhere off the beaten track, there is still a high chance that there are serviced apartments but not hotels.


Stay connected

In hotels, connecting to Wi-Fi generally has a cost associated to it, whereas in serviced apartments, theWi-Fi is free as standard.



Do what you want when you want

How often have you had an early start, or you got back late from work only to discover that the hotel restaurant isn’t serving? A serviced apartment will have its own cooking facilities, meaning that you can not only eat when you want but what you want. This is particularly good if you have special dietary requirements or are following a special health and fitness programme.

By having a central living area, you can socialise with colleagues or even hold a meeting without having to find space in the hotel.


Lose the headache of finding accommodation

Some serviced apartment providers, such as ourselves, can take a brief from you and then we will not only look at our own accommodation options, but will look in our wider network to find the right thing for you. This frees up your time to be getting on with other things. It’s then easy to book making the whole process effortless for you.


Whatever your reason for needing accommodation away from home, either short or medium term, The Accommodation Company can help you find the perfect apartment. Get in touch and give us your brief and we will take care of the rest.

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